Recommended Reading

A quick disclaimer: what you see below is my opinion – these are books that I have read and enjoyed and I think others will too. I receive no compensation to read or make any recommendations. The links I have provided below are all from but I’m sure these books can be located where ever books are sold.

Take a Hike is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to get outdoors.  The various trails are well researched, maps are easy to read, and the difficulty information is accurate.  One of the things I really appreciate about books by Rich and Sue Freeman is that they do their own research – they have been out walking these trails so you get their first-hand account of trail conditions, parking, fees, etc.  Take a Hike is thorough and easy to read.  And even if you’re a lifelong CNY’er such as myself, I still guarantee that there will be at least one trail illustrated in this book that you will not be familiar with.  So go explore!!

Even if you’re only going to look at the gorgeous pictures, you should check out Understanding Exposure. This seems to be kind of the Bible of understanding how to use light and your camera’s settings to take great photographs. I’ve seen where other photographers (ones that are WAY better than me) read this book once a year to refresh their memories and maybe remind themselves of some tip they’ve forgotten. I just read this book last fall so it hasn’t been a year yet. But I think I will pull it off the shelf again sometime soon. Like I said – if for no other reason than to look at the pictures!!

The Photoshop Elements 8 Book for Digital Photographers.  A must read for anyone using PS Elements 8.  This is not the most intuitive or user-friendly software out there, but it has major capabilities – once you figure out how to use it.  This book goes a long way to getting the user comfortable with all of the different functionalities that are available.  There are many more that aren’t addressed but this is a great starting point for the beginner to moderate Elements user.  Contains whole chapters on creating sharper images and how to touch-up your portraits, as well as provides an understanding for working with the ever-intimidating layer.

I love this book!!!! 200 Waterfalls in Central & Western New York is the greatest waterfall guide out there as far as I’m concerned.  Written by the same authors as Take a Hike!, it’s well researched and provides information for waterfalls I never even knew existed.  Degree of difficulty, parking fees, and any other pertinent information is provided.  If you like waterfalls as I do – you’ll love this book.

Summer in a Glass by Evan Dawson is a must-read for anyone interested in Finger Lakes wine or even just for anyone who has an interest in wine in general or in the Finger Lakes region in general. Each chapter follows the journey of a specific winemaker from the time the decided this is what they want to do with their life to the time when they make that dream a reality. As you can imagine there are many assorted bumps in the road from disbelieving critics to immigration problems. even though each chapter focuses on a particular individual, there is also enough of a story to follow from chapter to chapter due to the cooperation that winemakers in the Finger Lakes display. With the new found insight that this book offers, I can’t wait to revisit some of the wineries featured because I’m thinking knowing the back stories of the winery will make the wine tastings that much more interesting.

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