Winter blahs

However – looking on the bright side (which after 11 days of subzero temps is really hard to find!!) I get to spend more time on my indoor photography and/or learning CS6.

So I started here straight out of camera:


What can I say?  It was a Friday night, I was bored, and had recently read an article about bokeh so I decided to break out the 50mm and play.  Camera is set on a tripod to the right and I’m standing to the left with a flashlight.  Notice the dust on the shelf (EEEKS!!!), the smudge on the wall to the left of the glass not to mention the distracting texture of the painted wall.  But when I set up this shot I had a selective color vision in my head.

And after surprising little work in PS my shot became this:


Some of the dust is removed, the wall smudge is removed, and I brought down the sharpness of the painted wall to remove that texture.  Selective coloring is added using a levels layer that increases the reds just of the wine glass.  Incidentally when I posted a rough draft of this shot on Facebook some people liked the dust – they felt it added something so that is why I only spot removed the most distracting pieces.

So what started as a way to kill time on a Friday night – and an excuse to drink wine – became a shot that will likely get printed and hung.  You just never know where the wall hangers are going to come from – so keep shooting!!



3 thoughts on “Winter blahs

  1. Deb, you did a great job in post production. I didn’t even know the color cast of the wall was bothering me until it was gone. I haven’t painted with light since we were all in Croton on Hudson. May have to try it again. All this snow (we aren’t as used to it as you are) is keeping me inside and I need something to do. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks!! I guess you guys are getting the snow today – we’re supposed to get more tomorrow. I did some macros of snowflakes during Xmas break – not bad for a first attempt. Again – I just needed something to do!!

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