Compare and Contrast

The days are getting longer and even a little bit warmer – WooHoo!!  Just as a reminder of what we’ve been through:


Once upon a time this is where I learned to swim!!

The blue in this shot is actual – not a white balance error.  Although I too thought I had mistakenly left my white balance on iridescent when I saw it.  But I missed the sunset that had been my intent and was trying to make the best of it.  I added clarity to the bottom icy part of the picture looking for a grunge sort of feeling and brought down exposure in the clouds to really emphasis the one small break in the overcast.

But then this is winter and ice and ick and also the time I tend to move towards black and white (since there’s usually no color to be found anywhere).  So I processed another shot in b&w with some heavy vignetting to make it feel cold (cuz it was):


Personally I’m leaning towards the b&w although the vignetting might be a bit heavy I left it because I usually don’t like a heavy vignette and I’m working on breaking out of some ruts.

Which shot do you like better?

2 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. Deb, I like the b/w much better. It could be beause I’ve never been a fan of a blue cast in photos…they don’t look natural to me. Whatever the reason, I really DO like the b/w version. 🙂

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