Vacation – Have to Get Away

That song’s going to be in my head all day now!!


Anyway – I’m not waiting until the last minute to participate in Scott’s latest assignment – vacation photos.  So you have lots of time to join me and the rest of Scott’s blogging buddies and share your own vacation photos.


Day’s Cottages – near Provincetown, MA

This year Hubby and I took a family vacation with Mom, Sister, and Sister’s boyfriend to Cape Cod, MA.

Nauset Beach Lighthouse

Nauset Light

And I learned that there are big differences between a photography vacation and a family vacation.  As photographer’s we know the best light is early in the morning and late in the evening – usually when everyone else wants to eat or sleep!


Climbing Highland Light

So this will not be a post featuring a lot of sunsets and such because there just wasn’t a lot of that (there was some so there will be a future post don’t worry!!)


Entry in the sand castle competition in Yarmouth, MA

Instead this is a post featuring all the fun things we did together.  We saw sand castles and went on a whale watch and wandered through several of the areas lighthouses.


But not to worry – our last night on the Cape Mom and I did take in a sunset…..


It was amazing and totally worth postponing our last Cape Cod ice cream cone!!

4 thoughts on “Vacation – Have to Get Away

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  2. Deb this was so cool to see Cape Cod from your perspective! My mom lives on Cape Cod and I have vacationed there many times so all of this is very familiar to me. In fact, those sand castles are just down the road from my mom’s house. My girls and I visited shortly after the sandcastles were completed – we could have even been there at the same time!

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