Make Pictures vs Take Pictures

I have a new goal – I am going to MAKE (not take) more pictures.

Cavern Cascade - Watkins Glen State Park

Cavern Cascade – Watkins Glen State Park

What’s the difference you may say?  I suspect that depends on the photographer.  But for me it means I am going to take more time, be more selective, study more angles, and in general think more about what it is I’m trying to say with my pictures and what my audience is hearing.


Lower Falls – Letchworth State Park

So I’m going to cut back on the blogging as one way I intend to meet this goal.  I have been so caught up in taking pictures to share on the blog that I feel I’ve lost sight of quality in a constant struggle to come up with 4-5 shots to share 2-3 times per week.  Now I’m going to focus more on quality over quantity.   And if that means I only have one shot to share – I’ll only share one shot.


Taughannock Falls – Taughannock Falls State Park

So for now – I’ll be blogging once a week and sharing with you what I hope will be my highest quality work to date.  My plan is to take fewer, better pictures.  I’ll let you know how that goes!


Rainbow Falls – Watkins Glen State Park

As you can see from the above I got out and about quite a bit for the autumn leaves this year.  As always I’m quite behind with my processing but I feel as though these are my best autumn shots for 2013.

4 thoughts on “Make Pictures vs Take Pictures

  1. Very good point. I’m coming down the home stretch with a 365 project, I am eager to do just this. Now that I feel as though I know how to use my camera (my goal of the 365) I am waiting for the day I can make photos, when I want to make photos.

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