Vegas Baby!!

DSC_9991You’ve just got to love a job that sends you to Vegas for four days!!!  This was the view from the hotel room (after I spent a lot of time removing dust spots from the window!)

DSC_0153In true Debbie fashion I researched all the things to do during my off time and going to the top of the Eiffel Tower was tops on my list.  I didn’t get to it my first night because the 12 hour trip and time change just wiped me out.  So my second night in Vegas – I had a plan…..

DSC_0132Sunset from the Eiffel Tower – didn’t get much cloud reflection – do they even have clouds in Vegas?

DSC_0111But if you walked to the back side of the Eiffel Tower you were treated to fewer people and a gorgeous moon rise!!

DSC_0144Vegas is different from anywhere I’ve ever been – the nonstop activity, the way people only come out after dark, the hotels the size of small cities – completely different from anything I’ve ever done.  This shot of The Strip is my favorite from the trip and illustrates the level of activity going on as seen from above.

DSC_0221The Bellagio Fountains were a favorite (and free) thing to do while I was visiting.  I think we stopped every single time we walked by to catch a fountain show.  Just an amazing sight to see – and especially amazing at night!!


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