Croton Dam

If you subscribe to any of the Flickr NY waterfalls groups – you’ve seen shots of the Croton Dam.  I couldn’t wait to try my hand at shooting this amazing structure.  Our first visit was at 9PM at night with a full moon.

DSC_1815See the stars and the plane streaking by?  This is a 30 second exposure with a 1600 ISO – never in a million years would I have believed the dark could light up like this!!  Left a fair amount of noise in the shadows though.


DSC_1821-EditBless the noise reduction algorithms!!  I spent more time cleaning up this shot from the base of the dam – still 1600 ISO but the shutter speed is “only” 20 seconds for this one!

DSC_1898The next morning we proceeded to the top of the dam – for these shots I’m standing on the bridge you can see in the first two shots.  I wasn’t terribly pleased with these shots – I just don’t feel I captured the scope of the fall colors and the rushing water.  I am pleased with this close up shot of the water going over the dam (the falls in the prior two shots are behind me as I take this picture).

DSC_1903Also taken from the bridge with the falls rushing below and behind me.  The scope of this place is just mind-boggling.  So many angles – so many possibilities.

DSC_1993One last shot taken at dusk this time from the base of the dam.  A closeup of the autumn leaves with the water going over the dam.

Even though it’s four hours away from my home – you can be sure I’ll be visiting Croton Dam again and again.  The possibilities are endless!!


2 thoughts on “Croton Dam

  1. Okay, why have I not heard of this place? Fantastic shots…love the first one noise and all but that can be fixed.

    That is a lot of noise for 1600, did you use Long Exposure Noise Reduction on the camera? It was one of the suggestions in an eBook I read about photographing stars.

    • I did have the noise reduction on – part of the issue is that the full moon was to the right of the shot causing a lot of shadow in the water – opening up those shadows makes the noise more obvious 😦

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