I’m back – I think??

It was a long and lovely and largely blog-silent summer.  It’s fair to say I’ve missed blogging but there are only so many hours in the day.  I’ve had a lot going on which I’ll share in future posts but today I wanted to share with you my visit to the Chuang Yen Monastery.

DSC_1524I visited the Monastery as part of a photo workshop and this photo inspired much conversation with the way I set up the shot to have the lead statue facing out of the frame while the lines led into the frame – what are your thoughts?  Also some would’ve preferred the background statues be in clearer focus but I had intentionally used f/5.6 to blur them and bring all the focus to the foreground statue.

DSC_1550_1_2_3_4We very briefly had a few clouds roll in – I thought the use of black and white HDR made the scene more “ghostly” and menacing – of course opposite of the Monastery’s goal but I think it works for the shot.  And in B&W you also barely notice some construction cones in the lower right!!

DSC_1520This is the view that greets visitors from the parking lot.  So peaceful and amazing.  One of my fellow students discovered that the building and the sidewalk aren’t both quite level – if you straighten for the sidewalk the building lists, if you straighten for the building the sidewalk is off.  This image is straightened for the foreground sidewalk – since the building is set back you barely notice it’s off (unless you’re using gridlines in Lightroom of course)!!!

DSC_1426_27_28_29_30_31I spent quite a bit of time working on some HDR that I haven’t spent much time on in quite a while.  The foreground Buddha was right in front of a large window with sun streaming in while the furthest back Buddha was well in shadow.  This is a 6 shot HDR ranging from EV -2.0 to +3.0.

DSC_1509_10_11_12_13And so you know me heading off the beaten path.  Rather than spend a lot of time in the Monastery tripping over tripod legs I went and wandered the reflecting pond area and found this delightful pagoda where the leaves and the bright blue sky formed this wonderful little intersection.  Also an HDR at -2.0 to +2.0 I need to do a little halo work on this image – fortunately I learned how to fix this easily during the workshop.

Speaking of this was the Rick Sammon Croton-on-Hudson workshop that he is running again in June and October of 2014 – you can sign up now!  Class size is small so you get much individual attention and we ran the gamut of activities from a model shoot to a Buddhist Monastery to light painting – you will definitely learn something at this workshop!


2 thoughts on “I’m back – I think??

  1. What a beautiful place to photograph. I really like your selection of focusing on the statue in front (in the first picture) – the viewer knows what the subject is, while it’s put in its surroundings. Sounds like you had a great time!

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