Seneca Park Zoo

This is going to be a picture intensive post – I just couldn’t narrow down what shots I wanted to share.  There really is something for everyone at the Seneca Park Zoo!


Amur tiger


While not the biggest zoo in the world (I think it took us about three hours to make our way around) The Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY has a wide variety of animals as well as large displays that provide excellent viewing of the animals.


An olive baboon enjoys a florescent box – I had to add some magenta to his left side to offset the box’s reflection.

Like many zoos in spring there has also been several babies born!  The baby sea lion was on display while we were here.  Not swimming much yet but mom is taking real good care of him.



The Seneca Park Zoo also has some baby lions but they didn’t feel like being sociable while we were visiting.  But one of the female lions was stalking around their enclosure looking for lunch.


One of the less typical exhibits is of the Canada Lynx – we were fortunate to stop by for feeding time.


Sometimes watching the kids at the zoo is even more interesting than watching the animals.  The penguin exhibit was a big hit with the under 10 crowd.


Finally – my favorite picture of the day – the snow owl.  I also used Lightroom 5’s new Radial Gradient tool to really sharpen up the eyes.


Had a lot of fun at The Seneca Park Zoo.  If you’re ever in Rochester you should definitely stop by.



3 thoughts on “Seneca Park Zoo

    • You’ve never been? It’s a bit smaller than Syracuse though in my opinion some of the exhibits (lions specifically) are better. Similar setup – you walk in an oval and most of the exhibits are on the oval. The Genesee River gorge and walking path are along the edge so if you feel like walking there’s that option too. Mom and I walked about 2 miles one way (mostly paved, flat except when you walk down to a bridge to cross the gorge then back up) to the Maplewood Rose Garden. Have fun!!

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