Syracuse Balloon Fest 2013

DSC_5487Meet Pea-nut The Flying Elephant (or you can like her on Facebook).  Pea-nut was on display at the Syracuse (formerly Jamesville) Balloon Fest this past weekend.  I can’t quite tell what the girl in red is trying to do here??

DSC_5505Unfortunately the weather was quite uncooperative and only one balloon flight was made all weekend – which I missed.  But they did inflate a few balloons Sunday night just so people could see it done.

DSC_5542Watching the kid’s delight as they held up Pea-nut was worth the price of admission!

DSC_5549I also learned quite a bit about hot air ballooning from the owner of Endless Mountains Hot Air Balloons who was gracious enough to let me get close for some shots.  Did you know that hot air balloon captains are licensed just like airline pilots are?  And that the balloons and the company are inspected before each flight as well as at least annually?  Since a hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list this is good information to have!!

DSC_5566You can tell how much the crowd enjoyed and appreciated the efforts of the balloon crews even though a take off wasn’t in the cards.  Maybe next year!!


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