Reese Ranch Rodeo

Did you know CNY had a real live rodeo?  I didn’t either!  But it turns out there is a rodeo a little southwest of Elmira in Pine City, NY known as the Reese Ranch Rodeo.  It was a blast!


I don’t know much about horses or rodeos but I’m pretty sure this young lady’s ride was far from perfect.  But she’s obviously having fun anyway!


Racing back to the finish line

My early pictures were a little on the slow side (1/350) for this level of action – I still hesitate to bump up my ISO even though I know the D7100 can handle it.  Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson.

I also downloaded Lightroom 5 last night as I’ve been anxious to try the radial filter.  I used two on the shot above – a small circle to lighten her face under her hat and another larger one to produce vignetting around the horse and rider.  I love having the ability to move my center point around as in the photo below where the rider isn’t centered.  If I’d used the old vignetting tool the focus would be on the blue-shirted person in the background- obviously not my intention!


Eventually the sun came out and that helped increase my shutter speeds as well as I did eventually bring my ISO up to 800-1,000 as well.  So my shots  started getting sharper.


This young lady is only five years old – the youngest rider at the rodeo.

There was also bull riding at the rodeo…..


All the bull riders got up and walked themselves out of the pen – although I’m sure some of them were pretty bruised up after their rides.


Time to go!!

Reese Ranch has rodeos about every other weekend rain or shine – the next one is scheduled for June 22.  If you’re looking for something fun and inexpensive (an adult was $5) to do I highly recommend an afternoon horse racing and bull riding!!


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