Senior Week

Life in a college town can be both predictable – due to life revolving around the school’s schedules – and unpredictable – we are dealing with roughly 25,000 18-22 year old people after all!!

DSC_3017So I perhaps should have considered senior week when I went down to Stewart Park at the south end of Cayuga Lake for some sunset shots a few weeks ago.  I took my life in my hands for this shot as there was a fast a furious game of frisbee football going on behind me.


These almost-ex-students managed to leave behind their game of beer pong to watch the sunset for a bit.  I actually think their presence adds to the fun of the shot.


Fortunately for me they got bored after sunset and left me alone with the blue hour.

DSC_3052I guarantee if I went to take this shot tonight I’d have the park largely to myself and the occasional dog walker or dedicated jogger.

DSC_3057Best wishes to all of 2013’s graduates!


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