Corning Glassfest

For this post I’m going to need you to think back a little – just a little.  Remember Memorial Day Weekend?  Remember how cold it was (at least it was quite chilly in CNY)?  Despite the chill – hubby and I still attended the Corning Glassfest.

DSC_3185The good news: we had front row seats to just about everything.  Not many people around, no crowds whatsoever, and easy access to any vendor I wanted to check out.


The bad news: there was no MC for the glass blowing event so I really have no idea what these guys are doing!

DSC_3171Later on this gentleman would attach the head on the right to the legs he’s currently working on.

DSC_3159I really wanted to move this cooler!!  I will say I was especially grateful for my D7100 as I used ISO 4000 for these shots – just a little noise cleanup in post was required.

Hubby and I spent a fun but chilly evening at the Glassfest and are planning on attending again next year.


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