Great Blue Heron

DSC_3429Such a majestic animal

DSC_3421I’ve been fascinated by great blue herons ever since I was a child – probably because my mom told me they were rare so I thought I was special every time I spotted one.

DSC_3418I’ve been trying for quite some time to get some great blue heron shots with only moderate success.  They are elusive whenever I have camera in hand.

DSC_3431So when we ran into this one in Lake Treman in Upper Buttermilk Park he was so far away I almost didn’t bother.  But when s/he started hunting I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Fortunately the much higher resolution of my D7100 coupled with the 1.3X image area made these shots possible.  Certainly my best to date.


For more information about great blue herons and to see what’s going on right now in an actual heron nest you can visit Cornell University’s Lab of Orinthology’s website.  Warning – watching the baby birds on the nest is addicting!!


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