Watkins Glen State Park Never Gets Old

If you follow this blog you know I go to Watkins Glen State Park regularly.  Some past posts about the park are here and here.  But somehow depending on the season and the water levels and the weather it seems to always be different.

DSC_3464As you can see water levels are a bit lower than normal for this time of year.  I don’t usually even stop to photograph this waterfall at the entrance to the park but for some reason this trip it appealed to me.

DSC_3486As you can see the gorge gets very narrow in places.  Since this was a very overcast day I did some work with long exposures – mostly 6-8 seconds – notice the swirlies?

DSC_3470This tiered waterfall is one of the lesser known falls in the park but is one of my favorites.

DSC_3474Probably the most iconic shot of Watkins Glen – and one that every photographer makes while they’re here.  In an attempt to try to get something a little different I also made this shot….

DSC_3472…changing up the angle a little.  I might like this one a bit better as it feels like there’s a bit of a mystery – what’s at the end of the bridge?  But then I can see where others might not appreciate the mystery – these are the people that read the last chapter of their books first!

So even if you’ve been to Watkins Glen before, or maybe even several times, stop by again – it’s always worth a visit.


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