Photographic Passion

So – I realize I’m a day late and a dollar short getting to Scott’s assignment this month – this deadline just kind of snuck up on me!! What’s ironic is that my photographic passion and where I wanted to go from here was something I’d been thinking a lot about – even before Scott posted this assignment.


No surprise – I like waterfalls! Taken at Robert Treman State Park

A little history if you don’t already know.  I’m not in this photography thing to make money – I’m in it to make pretty pictures.  If someone likes my pretty pictures enough to want to part with their hard earned money – well that’s OK too.  But it’s not why I’m here.


Another waterfall! Hector Falls in Burdett, NY

A question I’ve asked myself is who defines pretty.  In this case – I do.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I can’t possibly foresee what one person will think is pretty versus another.  So in this case I am the judge and the jury because it’s my name that’s attached to the picture.  I’m the one that gets the final say regarding what’s pretty and what’s not.


Any kind of water will do – Cayuga Lake Blue Hour

However, with all that said, now on to my news.  I am going to have my first solo photography show from October through December 2013.  For me, this has been exciting and stressful and challenging, and thank heavens it’s still four months away!!  But it’s changed my perspective a bit – now I’m in a place where I’m selecting work based on what might sell as opposed to what I think is pretty.  But that puts me back in the same place I was before – how can I forecast what someone else might like enough to spend their hard-earned money on?  Bottom line: I can get some ideas based on what’s been sold before but there’s really no telling what is going to move someone.  For me – there’s no greater honor.


And I like wine – taken from the back deck of Lamoreaux Landing who will be graciously hosting my show

So there you have it – my big (and terrifying) news.  It’s been a couple of months since this was arranged and I still can’t quite believe it.  I will be posting updates as the show nears – and I will definitely post pictures of the show once it’s hung.  And afterwards I might be able to answer the question – will I ever do something like this again??  We’ll see – for right now – I’m glad I get to share my passion for photography and the Finger Lakes with you.It’s a big part of what makes all of this special to me.

4 thoughts on “Photographic Passion

  1. Big fan of waterfalls myself. Great images. I really like the blue hour on Cayuga lake. Congrats on the show. My two cents would be to go with what you like. I’ve found the images I have a stronger emotional connection to are the images that get a stronger reaction from others. When I think I created something someone else will like it never does as well. Good luck.

  2. How exciting for you! Best of luck with your show. Your water photos are beautiful; I just love the color. Very soothing. Looks like a great spot for a sip of wine as well!

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