Wait Five Minutes

There’s a popular phrase here in CNY: “If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes – it’ll change.”  Never was that more true than Saturday when I visited Letchworth State Park


Upper Falls at 10:16 AM

I visited Letchworth as part of A. D. Wheeler’s photowalk – Andy is running a second photowalk this coming Sunday, May 19th and the weather is supposed to be much nicer – full information is at the link provided.


Upper Falls at 10:17 AM

As you can see at quarter after 10 there were some serious dark skies looming.

But 20 minutes and one snow/hale storm later…..


Upper Falls at 10:43 AM


Upper Falls at 10:43 AM

Note: I’m using a circular polarizer on the 10:4? shots to cut all the glare from the water on the foliage.  Otherwise this would be one shiny picture!


Upper Falls at 10:44 AM

And this is how my crazy weather day went until about 3:00 when the second snow squall of the day blew through and I decided it was time to go home.  Sun, wind, snow, rain – all within a 5 hour time period.  It was a crazy day!!


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