Spring has Sprung!!

Aside from the warmer weather, the sunshine, and the leaves and flowers that are now (finally) dotting the landscape – there is another sure sign that spring is here…..


The baby geese are here!!!


I’ve seen four families so far – one at the Cornell Plantations Arboretum and the others at Stewart Park at the south end of Cayuga Lake.


I’ve learned that if you kneel down near the families and stay really still – they will generally come to you to find out if you have any food for them.  This (and my 70-300mm lens) allowed me to get some great shots of the babies (not far) away from their mamas.


Such cute little balls of fluff – it won’t be long until they’re going through their awkward teenage phase but right now they are just the cutest thing!


Even goose siblings get into a tussle now and again!

Enjoy the sunshine!!


3 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung!!

  1. Beautiful as Always!! I have never been to the Cornell Plantations, but get to go this weekend for a ENTIRE hares clan photo shoot for my parents for their birthdays and mothers and Father’s Day……I cannot wait to explore!

    • You’re going to have a great time! The Arboretum in particular is nice this time of year as it has a lot of flowering trees showing off right now. And I would think Comstock Knoll (behind the Nevin’s Welcome Center) might be waking up – it is just covered with azaleas and rhododendrons.

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