Go Big Red

I’ve been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks.  Just uninspired and impatient – it’s officially spring darnit – bring on the leaves, flowers, and sunshine!!

Unfortunately this has not been the case – I expect full leaves and green possibly next week but I found this year that that time between snow and leaves is nothing more than brown sticks.  Ick

I’ve tried to make the best of the situation by spending some time on campus – shooting a sunset (see my new header), some flowing waterfalls, and as of this week fields of daffodils.  DSC_0641_2_3_4_5

I’ve also spent some time at the computer working on my HDRs and panorama merging.  I like my header better than I like this HDR above.  The sky is too phoney looking in this shot to me.


The waterfalls in Ithaca are flowing nicely right now.  Notice the goose that has made her nest on the rock outcropping to the right.  I’ll be keeping track of her to see how this location works out for her and her new family.


Daffodil Hill (across the street from the Nevin Center) is in full bloom – obviously deer don’t eat daffodils!!


Another goose found a great spot to enjoy the sun, Beebe Lake, and more daffodils.

Hopefully the cool nights, warm days, and occasional rain will bring on spring at its fullest next week.  I for one am ready!!


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