Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

There’s an old wives tale that says spring is here once you’ve heard the peepers three times.  I have heard them three times but I’m not sure if hearing them twice in one day at two different locations counts so we’ll say I’ve heard the peepers twice – with cooler weather on it’s way – do I get to three?????

Anyway – I took advantage of some finally warmer weather to get outside and shoot.  And to finally see some gorgeous colors!!


Apparently I am not the only one happy that spring is here!!  This bee had enormous clumps of pollen stuck all over him after investigating one of the two crocuses I had blooming.


taken at Minn Garden on Cornell University’s campus

I experimented with the cluster of flowers above for quite awhile – crawling around in the dirt to get some backlighting from the still fairly high sun.  I was a filthy mess by the time I was done!


from the Farrand Garden on Cornell University’s campus

Filthy, warm in just a T-shirt and jeans, hanging out with some flowers and hopefully getting a decent shot or two – these are things that all make me happy.  I felt like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon standing in the sun stretching my wings.  It’s been a long, cold, dull winter – I really hope it’s behind me.  I can’t wait for some leaves on the trees!!


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. I’ve heard 3 different people say that they’ve heard peepers – I think that makes it officially spring! Good to see the color back in the photos!

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