Buffalo Zoo

Let’s just cut straight to the chase – I drove two and a half hours to the Buffalo Zoo to see a baby polar bear named Luna.  And although she was filthy – she’s still just the cutest thing!!


Honestly I was surprised Luna was out but the (finally) seasonable weather made it possible – prior to this day Luna could only be viewed via video feed from inside her area.  A new area is currently under construction for her but as of yesterday she can be viewed outside regularly.


The Buffalo Zoo was built in 1875 and currently has several areas that are under construction – but that didn’t take away from the exhibits as there are several refurbished areas that have been completed.  One such area is the gorilla enclosure.


And there is also a baby gorilla at the Buffalo Zoo – though not as young as Luna.  This little girl was quite the trouble maker!


Buffalo Zoo also has an extensive Vanishing Zoo exhibit dedicated to animals who are sadly becoming extinct due to the disappearance of their natural habitats.  The snow leopards are among this vanishing group.


We had a lot of fun at the Buffalo Zoo – I hope to return a few times as Luna grows and gains a “sibling” – another young polar bear is on its way from Alaska to join Luna in Buffalo.


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