Big Excitement – D7100 first pics

I’d been thinking of an upgrade for about a year now – just trying to plan and budget and such.  The D7000 was high on my list but I’d also heard rumors that Nikon was working on something new in the D7000 range.  Enter the D7100.


ISO 320     f/9.0      1/250

I preordered it the day it became available and it arrived on my doorstep last week.  After spending quite a bit of time with the manual I was ready to take him (yes, I’ve decided this camera is a him) out shooting.  So Hubby and I took a road trip to Lamberton Conservatory to see their spring bulb display.

I was curious about the ISO capabilities since the D3000 had a max ISO of 1600 and a preferred ISO range of 400-800.  None of the shots in today’s post have had any noise reductions (the result of high ISOs) included in their processing.


ISO 2000     f/6.3     1/200       1.3x in camera crop and further cropped in post as well

As you can see from the shot above – ISO 2000 is not a problem at all – even after further cropping in post.  Another feature of the D7100 is the 1.3x shooting area which is a lot like the old telephoto setting on my point and shoot – and allowed me to zoom in further on this skittish quail than my 200mm would allow on its own.

While I did bring my ring flash I still wanted to experiment with my macro lens and higher ISOs.  With the D3000 I would usually shoot macros at 1/40 at and ISO of 400 – the problem being if there was any kind of breeze I’d end up with a blurry shot.  Not so with the D7100.


ISO 800       f/6.3      1/1250

Now at some point during the day I’d pushed the wrong button/turned the wrong dial and I ended up with 72 thumbnails on my playback screen – no histogram, no .exif data, just 72 thumbnails that were so small I could hardly see them.  So the settings above really make no sense to me in hindsight – but I’m using my no playback excuse.  I’m not yet in the habit of looking at all my setting in the viewfinder – another thing that’s new with the D7100.


ISO 800       f/6.4       1/640

Still using a large aperture here – for reasons that amount to little more than I’m caught up in new camera excitement and I’m not paying attention.  I generally try to use at least f/8.0-11.0 when I have the macro lens on.


ISO 800       f/18.0      1/125

Finally I started paying attention!!!  F/18.0 – I was trying to get the flowers that were about 1.5″ away from the cactus while keeping the cactus at least identifiable.  Well guess what the D7100 has – a depth of field preview button!  Push that button (and it’s labeled – I didn’t have to memorize this one!) and it stops down the lens to the prescribed aperture so you can see through the viewfinder if you need more or less aperture to get your desired effect.  Pretty neat!!  In the past I always would shoot f/11.0, f/13.0, f/15.0….. and decide in post which got me where I was wanting to go.

So that’s my initial review on the D7100 – it’s got A LOT of features – many of which I’m still learning about.  But I am very pleased with my purchase and I’m looking forward to some warmer weather so I can get out and really see what it can do!!


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