Ring Flash

I think I might be in love with my Ring Flash.
Rose buds

I received my Ring Flash for Christmas (thanks mom!!) and the Philadelphia Flower Show was the first chance I had to really give it a work out. And it worked out well.
Lily Dust

I think it worked especially well with my D3000 as that has a relatively low ISO threshold so raising the ISO above 400 is generally unadvisable. I was able to use ISO 100, f/8-13, and shutter 1/125 for most of these shots.
Fringed Tulip

All I had to adjust was the flash compensation based on how close I was to my subject. I also had to make adjustments based on the reflectiveness of the flower. For example a white flower would need less flash than a deep red flower.
Red Red Rose

One issue that I had to keep reminding myself of is that the ring flash is meant for macro photography only. Every so often I would try to capture a scene and the flash is not at all that powerful so I’d end up with a very dark picture. The ring flash does have an indicator light that shines when the ring flash has been effective. Try to shoot too far no indicator light. If in doubt you just have to remember to check the light.
Orchid Macro

Fortunately most of the displays were set up so that I could get close enough for the macro shots. However after two days of kneeling on the concrete floor I’m not sure my knees will ever recover! I liked this clematis because I could stand for this macro!

The ring flash saved my macro life at the Flower Show. With the complicated lighting and a lot of dark spots I’m sure I would’ve come home with many underexposed or blurry shots if it hadn’t been for my ring flash!


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