Spring Ahead

So I know I’m behind – again.  I brought home 600+ pictures from the Philadelphia Flower Show which I narrowed down to 175 that deserved a second look, maybe some processing, then we’d see what happened after that.  I’m about halfway through those 175.

Phillie Sunrise Panorama

4 shot panorama of the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Philadelphia, PA waterfront taken from Penn Landing

The weekend we were in Phillie also happened to be spring ahead weekend.  So on top of spending the majority of Saturday on my feet, or kneeling on hard concrete to take the shots (my knees will never be the same), and not getting to our hotel until about 10PM, I was also going to lose an hour of sleep no matter what.  I had done my research and knew our hotel was about 11 blocks from the waterfront where there was a nice, safe looking area to take pictures of the sunrise.  I really wanted to go take sunrise shots but it was going to be early – I set my alarm for 6:00 AM which my body thought was 5:00 – and then I hoped it would rain so I could stay in bed.  🙂


It didn’t rain so out the door we went.  Mom was a good sport and came along for the ride.  Along the way we were able to stop and visit the Liberty Bell minus the crowds.  It should be noted that this area of Philadelphia is patrolled by TSA due to all of the historical landmarks in the area.  So I felt completely safe even in the 6AM darkness.


We got to Penn Landing with plenty of time to take some sunrise shots of the Ben Franklin bridge and the Philadelphia skyline. We had the perfect amount of cloud cover – just enough to reflect the pink rising sun back onto the water of the Delaware River.


At this point I put my 3-stop graduated ND filter on to even out the bright horizon with the darker river.  I love the way the sun was peaking through what I believe was a parking structure in this shot.  There were a lot of different perspectives available and we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves.  It should be noted that there was a sign at the entrance that professional photography equipment was not allowed.  Given that photography is not my primary source of income I do not consider myself a professional and I ignored the sign.  Security did go by at one point and he didn’t give me or my tripod a second glance.


Here comes the sun!!  Did anyone else ever notice it tends to get cooler just before sunrise?  The breeze picks up and I believe the temperature dropped at least five degrees from when we arrived.


So glad I got out of bed to witness this – now it was back to the hotel for breakfast because we were starving!!  Then back to the Flower Show where I practiced my macros – obvious clue as to what my next post is about!


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