Black and White

I wasn’t sure if I’d get to Scott’s assignment this month – even though during the snow and cold I see lots of black and white inspiration.  I never really thought about why snow scapes inspired me to create black and white photos – but now I know after reading Light Stalking’s Black and White Landscapes that it has to do with the contrasts the white snow creates against the colorless trees.  And here I thought it was just because there was no color to be found anyway so I might as well shoot black and white.


Maybe there is some color to be found – green bench, yellow branches, bluish horizon but check out the b&w version:


It looks a lot cleaner to me – especially the dead yellow grass at the base of the tree.

Here a second conversion:


All the garbage that has washed up on shore over the winter just lends some ugliness to this shot I think.


But in b&w the garbage fades.  And the low hanging clouds add to the ominous of the shot.

This last conversion happened a bit by accident.  I was looking at my b&w presets and happened to hover over one called Honey on Land.  It looked quite interesting.


Almost makes this feel like a summertime beach shot if it weren’t for the dusting of snow on the dock!

And here’s the b&w:

DSC_9678-EditDefinitely a colder shot!

All of my conversions were done using Topaz’s Black and White Effects which just came out with a new version a month or two ago – it’s a lot more robust than their last b&w conversion software – and you can get a free thirty day trial to try it out for yourself!!


6 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. Lovely, and thank you for including the color pictures as well. The first one, with the bright yellow willow twigs, shouts “spring” to me, and the black and white takes it back to winter — but it’s equally beautiful in either case.
    Very interesting!

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