Philadelphia Flower Show

Yes, that’s right – FLOWERS!!!!  I have missed flowers so much this year – it seems every year gets a little bit worse, every winter just a little bit longer, a little bit greyer.  So the Philadelphia Flower Show was a welcome respite.


I loved these tulips – no color saturation adjustments were made here – they were really this red.


Here they are again from the other side.  The displays were amazing – so colorful and vibrant and maybe even a bit restorative.


There were even more orchids than there were tulips!!  I have a lot of macros yet to come of these amazing flowers.


Succulents on display – The Philadelphia Flower Show had every type of plant and flower there is (probably not but it sure seemed like it!)


I had a lot of difficulties with lighting and many shots that were beyond saving.  The displays were in the Philadelphia Convention Center with its high, black ceilings and stadium style lighting (you can see this in the orchid shot above).  But the displays often had their own specific lighting as well.  In addition, this was the first time I’d really taken out my new SB-700 flash and put it to work.  Many of my shots had an overexposed foreground or an underexposed background.  Underexposing the crowds is desirable as seen above, but I used a gradient mask and an adjustment brush to lower the shadow detail.


I used an adjustment brush on the shadows here as well.  If nothing else I’m getting good at masking!!

I have many more Philadelphia Flower Show shots to come, including a more educational post re: what I learned about my flash, the many mistakes I made, as well as a lot of macro shots.  This is going to be a week of color everyone!!!


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