Intentional Movement

Ugh – will this snow never stop?  I have been so terribly uninspired lately most days my camera never even comes out of its bag.

So when hubby said, “want to come to Elmira, NY with me?” I said sure.  There’s a nifty little riverwalk park there that I wanted to check out.  Hopefully it has a good view of some of the bridges in the area.


Not bad I suppose.  On the other side of me there was a railroad bridge.  I had heard a train go over as we were parking the car, then another train came by a few minutes later before I’d gotten the tripod set up.  I tried to balance my elbows on the retaining wall but those shots are still pretty blurry.  So I thought I’d wait around and push my luck and hope for a third train.  So I took some long exposures of this bridge.  This bridge is kind of boring and I’m still waiting for a train…..

DSC_9697I’d never tried moving the telefoto lens during a shot before – I went from roughly 70mm to 30mm during the 5 second shot here.  Interesting.


Here I went from 30mm all the way out to 18mm but I cropped some of the store with it’s bright lights on the left and the retaining wall on the bottom as they took away from the effect I thought.  I found the easiest way to do this was with the camera mounted on the tripod click the remote shutter with my right hand and move the telefoto with my left.  The tripod was key – this freed up hands and kept that camera itself immobile.  I’m not sure this was the best subject I could’ve found for this kind of shot but it was a nifty experiment at any rate.  And the train never came back by  😦

And now it’s shameless promotion time: The shot below was selected to hang at the State of the Art Gallery starting this evening through the month of March.  If you happen to be in downtown Ithaca stop by and visit!!

Lower Falls of Yellowstone


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