Watkins Glen from the Third Floor

It would appear that Scott was not the only one who was thinking of shooting a higher perspective this weekend…..

Back in January I spent some time at ground level at Watkins Glen Harbor at the south end of Seneca Lake.

Watkins Glen BLue Hour

What a difference a few floors make:


From the ground the lights of the salt mill are completely hidden.  Hubby booked us a lakeside balcony room at The Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel so all I had to do was wait for blue hour (while enjoying some Finger Lakes wine in our room), walk out the door, set up the tripod, and start shooting.


Just realized how dirty my sensor is – ICK!!!

Didn’t spend a lot of time taking pictures however.  Even when you’re home on a Friday evening enjoying a glass of wine – as is typical in my house – you don’t realize that your brain is constantly is there laundry to do, what’s for dinner, do I need to vacuum this weekend, what needs to be cleaned?  To not have that aspect of life – to be able to truly relax, drink some wine, watch some TV – I just wanted to enjoy the moment and not pressure myself to go shooting.  Perhaps that makes me less of a hobbyist or even less of a photographer but sometimes I just want to sit on my butt, you know???  🙂

DSC_9653So I think I got the best of both worlds.  I got to enjoy some real relaxation and I got to practice some photography – who could ask for anything more?  Thanks honey for a fabulous weekend!


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