Flowers and Sunshine

I’ve had about enough of winter.  We were so spoiled last year and I guess I got used to it.  I am ready for some flowers, some color, and some sunshine!!  Fortunately I still had some pictures from my last trip to Longwood Gardens to process!

Longwood Christmas

How’s that for some color?  This trip taken in mid-December 2012 was probably the warmest trip I’ve ever taken there – and I’ve been in July!!


This was the first time I had seen the Conservatory’s Rose Garden in bloom – usually I am there in the summer when the roses are dormant in preparation for their big Christmas display.  Unfortunately it’s a little cramped in this area so it’s pretty tough to get some good shots.  But in the summer the outdoor Rose Garden abounds with blooms.


Lilies are my favorite and The Conservatory packed full with them.  The smell was absolutely delicious.



I like the pink ones too!


So that’s my glimpse into what was and what will be again.  For those of you still digging out from Nemo or those of you who will be getting the storm system working it’s way across Pennsylvania today – I hope this helps you to remember that this too will pass.


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