Wells College Dock

Did you know there’s more than one (or two) colleges in Central New York?  Of course, Cornell University is probably the most well known.  But there’s also Ithaca College.  And there’s Wells College.

Until a few years ago Wells was an all girls school on the eastern shores of Cayuga Lake in the picturesque town of Aurora, NY.   Though I lived outside the village proper in many ways Aurora is my hometown.


But this is not going to be a nostalgic post about my hometown.  I stopped by The Dock (as it was known to us kids) to shoot a sunset a few weeks ago.  Since I have been doing some catchup reading about processing I decided to process my shots in several different ways and then compare.  The above picture was processed using Captain Kimo’s action set for Photoshop.


This one was processed using basic Lightroom using a gradient mask that runs diagonal along the roof line to lighten the building and the snow and another vertically along the right hand side to lighten the cloud cover in that area.


I used just basic Lightroom to process this shot – no gradient masks or adjustment brushes.  I like the blue light on the back of the building – matches the blue hour affect!

DSC_9275I have two horizontal gradient masks here at the top and the bottom of the water to lighten it and to bring out the sky’s reflections.  One of the things I read recently was about how the eye moves to the brightest spot and/or the most saturated spot and since I wanted the water to be the focal point I knew I had to brighten it up.

There are so many options for processing photos anymore it’s hard to know what way “is best.”  I tend to work with the “it’s the way I like it” premise because I can’t make everyone happy so I might as well make a picture that makes me happy – my creative license I guess I could call it!

FYI – I like the top shot the best.


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