The World in Motion

You may have heard we got an above average snowfall over the weekend.  I would say we received roughly 6-8″ of the heavy white stuff Friday night and into Saturday.  Not debilitating by any means – just enough for us to have some fun with!!


I could not get the white balance right in this shot – there’s an outdoor sensor light just out of the shot and no matter what I did it just looked off – until I converted to black and white that is!

Since we’ve been learning about motion and panning in my Night Photography class – I decided to try my hand at that.  I was pretty pleased with the results.


I found that the best method was to have the camera mounted loosely on the tripod. This allowed me some steadiness but also the ability to move and follow hubby as he plowed. The trick was to move the camera at the same speed as him – especially since when the mirror is up in camera I couldn’t see him through the viewfinder. This took some practice!

Also worked on some motion photography with the camera locked on the tripod – this was a 4 second exposure where everything but the brake light and the plow disappears.
snow Plow Motion

I was hoping to do some panning and/or motion with the big snow plow on the road but alas one never came by until the wee hours of the morning. But I did get one final shot of the snow on the branches before I packed it in for the night.

I think I made the best of our snowy evening!


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