REALLY Long Exposure

So what to do?  I got some cash for Christmas – should I pay bills?  😦  Or should I buy a new photographic toy?  🙂

I bought myself the Hoya 9 stop (this was much cheaper than the 10 stop) ND filter!  I envisioned lots of pictures of smooth water, calmed waves, and rolling clouds streaking past.


The weather has not cooperated however.  Not a whitecap to smooth anywhere to be found!  And this was the Finger Lakes in January – who’d have thought?  Above is my first attempt – it turned out to be a fairly calm day with just the slightest ripple on the water and flat, gray skies overhead.  But since the forecast had called for craziness and I had a weather “assignment” due I made an attempt.  This was a 2 minute exposure.  The longest exposure on the D3000 is 30 seconds so to do this one has to scroll their exposure wheel all the way past 30 seconds until it says “Time” (or Bulb on some other models).  Then I used my wireless remote and the stopwatch feature on my phone to open and close the shutter.


Fast forward a week or so – it was cold.  And I was again on the shore taking long exposures.  Coincidentally the first shot above was taken from behind the lighthouse in this shot.  Still a fairly calm day, skies were a bit less flat but still not I was hoping for.  But practice makes perfect so I worked with what I had.

One of the things with these multiple stop filters is that auto-focus is null and void – once you put that filter on your camera neither you nor your camera can see a thing.  So you have to focus first, switch to manual focus, put on the filter, take the shot.  Take off the filter, adjust as needed, refocus, put on the filter, take the shot – stand around for two minutes or so freezing your butkis off, rinse and repeat.  It took me over half an hour to take four shots!!


I am very ready for getting outside and shooting without freezing off my fingers and toes.  Unfortunately it sounds as though there’s another winter storm headed our way – stay safe everyone!


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