Icy Taughannock

Even if you don’t like the cold Scott chose a fabulous day for a little walk about.  Nice, fluffy white snow was falling and temps were in the mid 20’s (the warmest they’d been all week)!


All this snow was hard to shoot in without blowing out all the highlights…..


Why does ice turn blue?


I wish I’d gotten the shot when some ice broke loose and went BOOM!!!  Huge, thunderous crash.  Scott was standing near where this group is when it happened but had just turned away from his camera!


This is my favorite shot of the day and it reminds me of something else that happened during our trip.  I had noticed a couple standing on the bridge that allows close up access to the falls and I had thought they were just waiting for all of the cameras to get out of the way.  As I was finishing up I noticed them walking away and I hoped we hadn’t chased them off with all our tripods and assorted other equipment.  Turns out they were just looking for a bit of privacy.  As they were walking away the gentleman got down on one knee and the young lady took off her mitten and accepted his proposal.  AAWW!!!  To the young couple that got engaged at Taughannock Falls on Saturday morning – CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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