Success and Failure

This is the thing about photography that makes me keep coming back.  For every hundred or so failures you get one success.  And that success is so very worth it.

I had a big failure Friday night – Mother Nature was not on my side.  DSC_9237

What do you see between the two poles?  Yeah – me either.  Friday was supposed to be the best night for me to get shots of the full moon.  Unfortunately a late afternoon snow squall eliminated all possibility of that!


Even the lighthouses looked cold and visibility was next to nothing.  Absolutely no moon.  None.  So I tried to make the best of it – I thought the lines on the empty docks looked interesting.


Brrrr.  So onto the success portion of the blog because this first part is pretty depressing.  I’ve been doing this picture thing for about three years now and have built up a decent library of successes.  And now I’m making them available for sale.  Go to to see what I’ve got available.  I’m excited and nervous about this.  We’ll see what happens!



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