No Pot of Gold Here!

They say at the end of the rainbow lies a pot of gold.  I’m here to tell you they lied!

I always assumed the whole premise to that legend was that rainbow ends can shift based on the viewer’s perspective so one can never really reach the end.  So who is going to prove the saying wrong?

rainbow panorama

ME that’s who!!!  Check this out – both ends right in front of me.  This was taken about 50 feet outside my front door and I haven’t noticed my neighbors hefting around the gold either!

As an aside it’s so lucky for me that my neighbors understand that when I’m carrying my camera the whole block is my playground!!!

As I tried to capture this spectacle “on film” I realized how hard it is to capture rainbows.  Their colors are often quite muted so it’s pretty hard for the camera to pick out the rainbow from the clouds.  And rainbows are fleeting – this one lasted less than five minutes.  But it was great while it lasted.



One thought on “No Pot of Gold Here!

  1. As a frequently UNsuccessful rainbow photographer I appreciate you solving the mystery of the alleged pot of gold!
    well done…!

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