What does winter mean to me?

This is the question Scott has posed to us for January’s photo challenge.  Winter can mean a lot of things – it’s generally three months long after all.  Sometimes it means a lot of cold and short cloudy days and even colder long dark nights – last year being the notable exception to that rule.  Sometimes it means processing old pictures while curled up in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate because I’m not going out there!

And sometimes it means gorgeous fluffy white snow (and sometimes remembering to adjust my exposure for all that white).  Fortunately we did get a little of this over the Christmas break so I had plenty of time and daylight to get out and take a few shots.


Statue of AD White – one of the founders of Cornell University – and his snowy hat

A friend's Christmas display

A friend’s Christmas display

Triphammer Falls on Cornell University's campus

Triphammer Falls on Cornell University’s campus

And the snow stuck around into early-January so that I could get out and take some Winter at the Zoo shots at Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY.


And then there was rain – and a rainbow which will be in a later post.  And as I turned around to head home the sun was setting behind me and little did I know I had a bit of mist on my lens…..


Finally we got another dusting of snow last week (which has since melted away again) but which allowed me one more snowy photo shoot on Cornell’s campus before the students got back.


So that’s what winter means to me.  Irregular snowfalls  that I occasionally get a chance to get out and shoot before they turn all brown and muddy and yucky.  And cold.  Lots and lots of cold.

I can’t wait until spring  🙂

6 thoughts on “What does winter mean to me?

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  2. Fine pictures and comments about winter.
    In fact, my favorite photo here it with the reflections in the lens!
    And the gentleman with the last name “White” see id to relax and enjoy his white dress 😉

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