Blue Hour!

As I’ve mentioned I’m taking an online class in Night Photography by Kent Weakley – I’m only a week into it but the class is providing me with the motivation to get out and shoot and that was one of my goals.  Right now our assignment is the blue hour – that brief moment prior to sunrise and after sunset where the skies turn the most fabulous shade of blue.  Unfortunately blue hour always seems to be at the most inopportune time – regardless of where we are on the calendar!  It’s just difficult (for me anyway) to say I’m going to kill an hour after work (there are really only so many errands!) then go out and shoot for 15-20 minutes until it’s dark – it sounds crazy just to type it!  This class is forcing me to do just that – and it’s good for me I know.  We’ll see how I do this afternoon as the weather’s supposed to be turning much cooler today……


taken at 5:09PM EST

To get to my shots: Part of the assignment was to take before and during blue hour shots.  Hubby had an appointment about an hour away in the picturesque town of Corning, NY so I said I would tag along.  I thought I might have to blow off the before portion of the assignment because we arrived right as blue hour was turning blue.

And the pedestrian bridge was closed to renovations so I wasn’t able to get out over the river to take shots of some of the very interesting bridges Corning has.  I did have access to one side of the Riverwalk though.  And it was much brighter in that area – not so blue.  Maybe I have a shot at before after all!


taken at 5:20PM EST

And maybe some traffic caused light trails while I’m at it.


taken at 5:21 PM EST

I must confess I did not use my wireless remote and actually clicked the shutter button myself for these shots.  I’m not sure when I got out of the habit of getting that out of my bag whenever I have the tripod out but I need to get back into it.


taken at 5:22 PM EST

I also should clarify I did very little post work on these shots – feels a little like cheating given this is a class about getting the shot – not about processing the shot.  A little contrast, sharpness and clarity bump – that’s all I did.  Which is why the streetlight hasn’t had a little star effect added to it – you know how much I like doing that!  🙂  Even though I was at f/22 I didn’t get the star flare naturally.


taken at 5:24 PM EST  25 second exposure 

At this point I was really getting some blue so I decided to head back into town.  I got one nicely blue shot at 5:30PM but unfortunately the wind blew a bit blurring my subject so I won’t be sharing that one.  My next shot at 5:32 the sky had turned to black.  So all in all I got 20 minutes – I can work with that.

Now it’s time to head to the Market Street Brewing Co for some of the best red ale I have ever had!!

One thought on “Blue Hour!

  1. Great blue hour photos. I love the last one especially. I am used to say blue moment, not blue hour here in Finland. I think that the length of blue hour depends on which latitude one lives, but I am not sure.

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