Now for the Sunrise

A few days I blogged about a trip I took to shoot a sunset – now you get to see a sunrise.


We here in CNY had a few days last week where conditions were perfect for a few amazing sunrises.  I missed the first one because I had to get to work.  But the second day – let’s just say I couldn’t pass it up twice – work schmerk!


So the best part of the story is I’m pulled over on the side of the road on my way to work and it’s the one day this winter I decided to wear a dress.  So there I am in boots, tights, and a dress standing in the field taking pictures of the sunrise.  Let’s just say I got a few looks.


But it was worth it!!

PS – these were all taken with a 3 stop graduated neutral density filter that allowed for the snow to be lightened up and the brighter sky to be darkened a bit.  I also further lightened the snow in Lightroom.


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