Sunrise….Sunset in reverse

Because I’m going to show you a sunset first.  I do in fact have a sunrise waiting in the queue for later this week.

Lately my photography has been kind of all over the place.  In the cold dark of January there aren’t that many hours where I can get out and shoot. I’ve just been taking the shots I find when I find them – not really a lot of planning or forethought happening around here lately.

DSC_8941Since the weather has been getting a bit warmer and the days are getting a bit longer I did manage to get out to Myers Park in Lansing, NY in an attempt to capture a sunset.  Sunsets are funny around here – you can almost see them twice – once from the bottom of the hill (where there is usually a lake around) then again a half hour later from the top of the hill.  It’s an odd phenomenon that I can’t fully explain except that it must have something to do with angles of the sun in valleys and on hilltops.  The above was taken at about 4:30PM as the sun set behind the hill that forms one side of Cayuga Lake.

DSC_898345 minutes later is when the real fun happens!!  If you can wait that long.  Didn’t end up getting the cloud cover I thought was going to roll in but somewhere on the other side of the hill a great, big, red sun was setting (sailor’s delight)!

DSC_8994The blues moved in rather quickly after that 10-15 minutes later.

So this is some of the hodge podge I’ve been up to.  I just started a Night Photography course so you have some shots related to that to look forward to.  And hopefully that will also help me get back into the planning and forethought that I’ve been lacking lately.  Though I will admit I’ve enjoyed slowing it down a bit!!


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