Snow Geese

For two days after Christmas I listened to a flock of thousands of geese in the field across from my house.  THOUSANDS!!!  DSC_8307So I decided to go see what all the noise was about.

DSC_8232However, it turns out taking pictures of Canadian Geese and my favorite Snow Geese is a lot harder than it looks.

DSC_8244They were not at all amused with my intrusion.

DSC_8249It was a lot more difficult than I’d expected.  All that white on white on white on white – I’d made the appropriate adjustments adding some exposure compensation to make up for the sensor seeing so much white.  But I went a little too far and overexposed t0o much.  So I decided to mess around with the software and see what I could do.

I can make a grainy black and white….DSC_8180

And I can crop to make a panorama of sorts – I couldn’t get at all close and this was the only way I could eliminate a mile (not really that much) of corn field.


So nothing too terribly impressive came out of my hour in the field except a lot of rejected photos.  Ever have one of those days where none of the photos you thought you took look anything like the shots you actually took?



One thought on “Snow Geese

  1. That last one is beautiful with the motion of the wings and the clean background.

    Interesting about the Snow Geese. Weird time of year for them to be around upstate NY. They should well south and not returning until late February/early March.

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