Dinner for a week……or so

I’m admitting now – I flunked this assignement.  Totally flunked.  It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be remembering to take pictures of dinner.  I made a couple of really spectacular dinners too!!  And I was so proud – I ate them.  Every single crumb.

So this is what I got.  One night I made a very fancy dinner of BLTsDSC_8411


Then another night hubby and I did a wine tasting and guess what – forgot to take a picture of my dinner – again.  At least I’m assuming there was dinner  🙂


Finally one afternoon I went out for a late lunch that doubled as a dinner.  And this time I remembered!  French Onion Soup….

DSC_8871…and crab cakes from Colemans Irish Pub in Syracuse


So that’s all I got – some not so great pictures of just a couple of meals…….thank heavens for Karma’s loosey goosey rules!!


4 thoughts on “Dinner for a week……or so

  1. Deb, I replied to you over at my blog that I am having the exact same problem! I made some pretty good dinners and completely forgot to take pictures of them. I think I have 3 shots from the past 2 weeks! OY!

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  4. Never thought to use spicy mayo on a BLT….that sounds kind of good. Husband doesn’t like spicy but I do and it would be easy enough to make his with boring old regular mayo…and mine with something much better…hmmm…by the way…love your backsplash! 🙂

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