Longwood Christmas

I have been rather uninspired lately – between the holiday madness (which I am making a concentrated effort to minimize this year) and the cold, gray, lack of snow – I just can’t seem to get my butt up off the couch.  But I finally threw together a few shots of my trip to what I am calling the Longwood Christmas Spectacular!  These are all daytime shots – I’m saving the nighttime lights for another day.

To begin: poinsettias and amaryllis abound in The Orangery – I’ve discovered that bringing down the luminosity of the reds helps to prevent them from just exploding out of the shot in a not-so-pleasant way.


The 30′ outdoor Christmas tree decorated by the employees.  As you can see – we had some of the nicest weather I’ve ever experienced at Longwood – blue skies and temps in the upper 60’s!!  A bit odd to experience Christmas in this way and I would’ve liked to have seen everything under a nice white layer of snow – but walking around in a T-shirt definitely had it’s benefits!


The intoxicating scent of lilies was everywhere – as was a lot of nice, red bokeh!


By far my favorite display – the exhibition hall was set for 48 – I heard that the employees used this for their Christmas parties.  As if working among all this splendor wouldn’t be amazing enough!  The runner is made of moss with a grass carpet underneath. DSC_7347


Amaryllis on the mantel in The Music Room – I added the stars for fun


If you intend to visit don’t forget to purchase your tickets (you can do it online) in advance.  For most of the remaining days of the Christmas display Longwood requires timed entries to allow for everyone to have the best visit possible.    Enjoy!!


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