Backyard Birding

This time of year – it’s just so dark all the time.  At least all the time when I’m not at work.  Fortunately I’ve got a couple days off coming up so there might be a surprise for you!!!

In the meantime I’ve been spending some time with Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 4 book.  One thing I’ve learned is that if you hit Shift-tab when you can get rid of all the (sometimes) annoying panels and actually see your shot sized for full screen.  That’s the tip I think I’ll use most often!!

I also spent some time at mom’s yesterday and she has some bird feeders set up very close to her windows.  And if we don’t turn any lights on I can sit at the window taking hundreds of pictures of her backyard birds.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

This guy was such a ham.  I would swear he knew I was inside taking his picture as he peeked out from behind the tree then hid, then peeked, then hid again.


Then there’s my long-standing quest to get a perfect shot of the male cardinal.  This isn’t it – I kind of feel like stalking mom’s feeders might be a little bit like cheating!


So that’s what I’ve been up to – nothing at all exciting.  But I do have some fun things coming up so stay tuned!


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