Darn It, Dang It, Shoot!!!!

Not really what I was thinking but you get the idea.

You know what happens when you forget to spin your graduated neutral density filter so that it’s horizontal with the horizon?  This.

Dark on one side as opposed to darkening the horizon so that the hay bale would stand out.  I took a whole series of shots of a lovely sunset this way.   )(&^^@^%%$^#%*(%&@!!!!!!!!!

I was able to use some gradient mapping in a moderately successful attempt to correct the issue here:

Not perfect but could be worse I suppose.  Just so disappointed with myself – and I do this all the time.  I put the graduated neutral density filter on there and forget about it – ending up with oddly darkened sides that just look wrong.

I did eventually go for a vertical shot and it was then that I noticed I had messed up – AGAIN!  But the sun had already dipped below the horizon by then – still you can get an idea how it should’ve looked.

These shots were taken from the back porch of Pumpkin Hill – a delightful restaurant outside of Aurora, NY.  Unfortunately they will be closing for the winter shortly so I’ll have to repost this in the spring as they have really great home-cooked food and the best desserts ever!  A wonderful place to stop for a bite and enjoy the view.



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