Waterfall Hostess

Last weekend I played hostess to a couple of out of town photographers, Scott at Views Infinitum and Andy Williams, and Merrie, Scott’s incredibly patient wife/assistant.  Even though it was a bit on the chilly side, the skies were overcast and the water was flowing well (thank you Hurricane Sandy) so we all brought home some good shots.

One of the things that I enjoy about hostessing is that it requires a slower pace than I’m used to.  Many times I’ll stop at one of these falls, typically on my way home from work, spend a half hour then head home because I can hear the laundry calling.  Having out of towners forces me to spend more time since it’s not like my guests can just return next week.  This pause allows me to see shots I would’ve otherwise missed.

Blending of Leaves & Water


It also helps me to confirm I’m doing the “right” thing.  I sat in this spot for a long time trying first a circular polarizer then a graduated ND filter trying to even out the sky, the old plant, and the falls.  I also shot a 5 photo HDR series.  This produced the best, though still not perfect results.  (I should’ve shot some more shorter exposure shots to even out the sky even further).

And again, while Scott and Andy were working out their shots I went downstream a little to do some exploring…..

Our last stop was Taughannock Falls where we spent some time at Little Taughannock.  Not a lot different than usual with the setup for this shot so I played with the processing instead.  Winter waterfalls work great for black and white processing I think!

I hope Scott, Merrie and Andy enjoyed their “tour” of some of Ithaca waterfalls – even if Scott made us get up insanely early!!!


2 thoughts on “Waterfall Hostess

  1. Who, me? Nope, that was Andy’s doing this time. 🙂 Thank you for taking us around to Wells and then over to Taughannock. It is wonderful having a guide, especially one who understands a photographer. Glad we could help in your study of places you have visited often. I, too, enjoy being with others as it does help to enjoy the experience better.

    All these shots are great but I like the one of the un-named waterfall the best. That was such a pleasant and unexpected scene.

  2. You are getting really nice shots at these wonderful New York state parks and waterfalls. I can easily remember my days in this region growing up. I lived in Manlius in the foothills outside of Syracuse. Have you ever been to Green Lakes StatePark? The view from above is great as are the lake colors. Keep up the effort you are putting forward as you seem to be getting better with each passing photo group. Jean-Bernard.

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