I didn’t get out much this past summer – life and kitchen remodeling got in the way.  Then I spent most of the month of September out of town (not that I’m complaining).

It seems I’m making up for some lost time.  The last three weekends have found me doing some waterfalling (it’s my blog – I can make up words if I want to.  🙂 )

First up are some shots from Carpenter’s Falls about 15 miles south of Skaneateles, NY.  It’s a very easy walk to get a view of the falls but to get that picture-perfect angle you might have to get dirty.  Personally I don’t consider it a successful day out unless I’ve picked up some mud!!

Please be careful scaling the sides of the “bowl.”  It’s steep but not otherwise too difficult.

Last weekend hubby and I took a trip to Watkins Glen State Park.  We were both quite surprised at the number of people still walking the trails of the park – especially on such an overcast and drizzly day.  But Watkins is beautiful no matter the weather.  And fortunately the people in front of me had on dark jackets so unless you’re looking you can hardly see them in the pic.

While the majesty of these waterfalls is unmistakeable, sometimes the smaller steps can be just as majestic.

This was shot a few days prior to Hurricane Sandy – though we didn’t get as much rain as was forecast do you think any of these leaves are still hanging on here or have they continued their journey to the Atlantic?

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