Pratts Falls


Just a little something to maybe cheer up those of you struggling with Sandy’s aftermath (those of you with power, that is).  Early last spring I visited Pratt’s falls – a 137′ waterfall and park just a bit south of Syracuse, NY.  Sadly the sun was conspiring against me, right in the middle of my shot, and there just was not a thing I could do.  Flare, flare everywhere!!

I went back to Pratt’s Falls a couple of weeks ago on a very overcast day – so much better!!!

While there are other trails around the area, through woods and meadows, there is really just one short trail to the falls.  And really just one angle to capture the falls from (although if you look closely there are a few people who scrabbled down the hill at the bottom of the picture above).  So I had to get a little creative looking for some other way to shoot these falls.

How about a close up of the lovely yellow leaves hanging in front of the falls?  One of the things I’ve read about is continually looking for the picture within the picture.  I think I got it right this time!

My thoughts are with those of you still struggling with Sandy and its aftermath.  Stay safe everyone!!


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