Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I originally wanted to title this post “Move Around” but in order to keep with the weekly photo challenge visibility “rules” I couldn’t do that.  But Move Around is the real theme to this post.


I have a bad habit of not moving around.  Especially when I’m shooting sunrise/sunset scenes.  I get too comfortable, too caught up in the beauty, and yes, relax too much when faced with such a grand scene.  For example I have this shot of a paddle boarder and I love the splash and I love how the sunset is reflected in the waves.  And I kept thinking that I should crop this somehow so that the paddle boarder was actually in front of the sun.  Except I know you can’t crop like that (you probably can – Photoshop can do just about anything – but it would go beyond a simple crop).  If only I had gotten up off my butt and tried for a different angle so the he would actually have the setting sun behind him.  I’m having a Homer Simpson DOH moment!

I took several shots of my paddle boarding friend.  So I went back into my archives to see if I ever got lucky enough – while still sitting on my butt – to get the angle I had in my mind’s eye.  This is closer though to my eye I would prefer he be on the left side on the sun.

So the lesson I find myself struggling with is to know when to relax and enjoy the sunset and when to work the sunset to get the maximum shots with the maximum effect.  I suspect this is a balancing act that I’m going to struggle with for a long time.
And just to keep with the silhouette theme one more shot from San Diego:


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