End of Summer?

I’m having enough trouble figuring out what time zone I’m in well alone what season it is but Scott seems to be telling me that it’s the end of summer.  BOO!!

Since I haven’t spent more than a few days in New York this month my submission for this assignment is more about what my end of summer has looked like rather than what the end of summer usually is for me in CNY.

First I got to spend some time on the west coast at the beach where they only have palm trees and don’t really have an autumn at all.

Next I moved to the mountains and the central time zone where fall is already in full swing.  I had read that the leaf peak is supposed to be this coming weekend but with the dry weather I’ve ended up enjoying mountain leaves immensely!

The two preceeding shots were taken in the Grand Tetons National Park.

Something you never read about in photography books – how to cut smoke from your shots.  It’s a lot like fog in that close up (as seen above) it has little effect.  But from far away it tends to dull everything.  There have been several wildfires burning in the area and the views have been somewhat dampened by the smokey haze.  Thus I’ve been increasing contrast and saturation and lowering highlights a bit more than I normally would in a moderately successful attempt at decreasing the haze.

Fortunately the smoke has been clearing and I’ve still for two more full days for shooting.  I hope to get some better mountain vistas to show you soon!


Thanks Scott for the assignment!!


3 thoughts on “End of Summer?

  1. Looks like you’ve been lucky to be in some wonderful places for the end of summer – great way to ease the end of the season. That west coast beach is just gorgeous!

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