A difference of 10mm

What do you think?  Here’s Lucifer Falls shot from the overlook at 24mm.

As an aside – this picture was taken less than a week after we had major flooding in the area just a little over a year ago.  The walkway on the right was completely washed out by the flooding and just reopened recently.

But I disgress.  Here is the same shot taken yesterday at 14mm with the 10-24mm lens that I have rented.

Excluding the vast difference in water amount – what a difference 10mm makes!!  It didn’t seem this way as I was taking the shots but now that I see them on my screen I am really surprised at the difference it made.


2 thoughts on “A difference of 10mm

  1. Pretty cool—- flipped back and forth for 5 minutes,,, think I like the second one—- I suspect you will be finding all kinds of neat ideas to try

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